Can I finance my OREMOB vehicle purchase through the bank?

Yes! OREMOB is listed with major banks and you may purchase your vehicle using bank financing. On the banking app:

 New/Used --> NEW

Year of manufacture --> 2022 (or current year)


Model --> Your choice of OREMOB vehicle

There is NO residual value.

Can I collect my vehicle or do you deliver?

You may opt to collect your vehicle from our premises. We offer free delivery to major centres in South Africa. If you'd prefer delivery to your local motorcycle dealership, we're happy to do that for you. Delivery costing to outlying areas will reflect on our quotes.

Why is an EV more economical than an ICE vehicle?

EVs (electric vehicles) are generally cheaper to operate compared to ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles because fuel continues to be more expensive than electricity. The more you use your EV, the quicker and clearer the cost savings become.

An EV also has much less 'moving parts' so the cost of maintenance is lower than that of an ICE vehicle.

How much money will I save on fuel for an EV compared to an ICE vehicle?

An electric vehicle uses electricity as 'fuel'. OREMOBs 2-wheelers are charged at a standard socket at home, work, a coffee shop, etc.

The City of Cape Town's residential electricity tariff is *291,90c (i.e. R2.9190) per unit. 1 unit of electricity equals 1 kWh.

Let's use the Ecooter E2 MAX, which has an energy consumption of 2.48 kWh per 100 km, as our example. Multiply as follows:

R2.9190 x 2.48 = R7.2391

You could spend only R7.24 per 100 km if you have an E2 MAX.

Compare this to what you would spend on petrol per 100 km.

*City of Cape Town - 2020/21 Budget (May 2020) Annexure 6 - Tariffs, fees and charges book

How long will I have to wait to get my EV?

For new Model releases there will be a lead time of 3 months from confirmed purchase order. Moving forward there should be stock available for immediate availability but if your specific model and options are not available we expect not to have a waiting time longer than 3 months. T&Cs apply. ** Lead times extended due to Covid-19 supply chain issues. Please contact us. **

What should I consider when buying an EV?

Your decision to buy an EV will depend on many factors and your personal circumstances. Most EV owners enjoy the fact that they own one, there's definitely the cool factor. EVs are also cleaner and friendlier to the environment because they do not emit any harmful gases when operational. An important consideration is the fact that the running and usage costs of EVs are much lower than ICE vehicles.

What is the battery's lifespan?

Battery technology is improving by the day. Today's efficacy statistics will likely be outdated in a year's time. Currently we expect 2000 full recharge cycles before the battery capacity drops to 80% of new. They can then be traded in if the lower range performance is an issue for you. Our vehicle warranty is 2 years/20 000 km (whichever comes first) and we extend that to the battery. Longer term warranties will be available for certain vehicles.

How often will I have to charge my EV?

This will depend on your usage. The rule of thumb is to charge whenever you stop for a few minutes and there's an outlet nearby. Also keep in mind that regenerative braking charges the battery when you engage the brakes. The NUUK has regenerative braking. Generally you will charge your vehicle fully overnight. Please consult the user manual applicable to your vehicle for more charging information. 

What happens when there is load shedding?

Load shedding schedules will inform you of when you can expect such an event so that you can plan your charging times. Incremental charging and regenerative brake charging also help to juice the battery.

Remember that petrol pumps also cannot operate during load shedding.

Where can I charge my EV?

Our 2-wheelers can charge wherever there is a standard South African plug socket. They charge just like your mobile phone so charging is easy and convenient.

We also distribute and install home and public chargers for use on larger vehicles.

Does the bike have passenger capacity?

Yes, our bikes have passenger carrying capacity. A commercial bike would need to have its load box removed and the seat adjusted in order to make way for a passenger.

Where can I service my EV?

We offer service and technical support of your vehicle. Please contact us to book a service.

What if my battery is faulty?

We will exchange a faulty battery, provided that it has not been tampered with or used in any way other than the intended purpose.