The NUUK. 

High range. High safety. Benchmark performance.

A unique riding experience with immediate acceleration.

Whisper quiet. The NUUK range meets the needs of both commuting and fleet consumers by offering all the necessary features for safe and efficient riding with zero emissions and low maintenance.

A delight to ride. With attention-grabbing and minimalist styling, the low placement of the battery makes for excellent handling and a low centre of gravity.


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The NUUK has a long wheelbase and a heavy-duty 41 mm shock

An 8.5KW motor with 41Nm of torque, the batteries allow for range of 150 km*. The NUUK has been developed and manufactured in close collaboration with Bosch to create a carefully harmonized system comprising the drive unit, control unit, battery, charger and display.

Fast charging is just 1hr 40min to 50%, and standard charge is 4.5 hours. You can even charge in increments of 15 minutes (gives approx. 5 km).

The NUUK has front suspension with an inverted fork with a diameter of Ø41 mm, and a rear mono shock absorber with adjustable preload.

Combination brakes use a front disc Ø280 mm and rear Ø220 mm. Braking is regenerative and is indicated on the power bar of the display.

A large display gives key information such as riding time, distance, average speed and energy consumption.


The NUUK has a net weight of 150 kg.

Range consists of NUUK Urban, NUUK Cargo and NUUK Tracker.

Standard colours: Black / White / Red. Customizable colour and Cargo options.

NUUK Urban

A no-nonsense two wheeler that packs a punch. The Urban is perfect for everyday commuting.

NUUK Cargo

The Cargo has a 350 kg load capacity. Scale your delivery options while saving on maintenance and fuel.

  - Box sold separately

NUUK Tracker

The Tracker's wheel profile makes it easy for the eco-conscious rider to enjoy it off-road.


Choose the colour to suit your style. Ask us about available options for the Urban and the Tracker.

The NUUK Cargo has the added option of cargo box customization.

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Personalize your NUUK
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Three Modes

The twist-and-go throttle means the NUUK is really easy to ride, especially for new riders. Each model has 3 modes:

GO: The most efficient speed mode, reaches the highest kilometre range

CRUISE: The standard mode which gives the best balance between power delivery and autonomy

BOOST: High power mode with maximum power and speed
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Charge Anywhere

The NUUK has a standard South African wall socket. When it's time to charge, you can plug in anywhere. It's all about convenience.

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Crawl Function

Need to park in a tight spot?

The NUUK has a CRAWL function that makes it so easy to manoeuvre.

Walk the NUUK backwards or forwards.

Move over and around obstacles easily in the CRAWL mode.
Especially useful in urban areas!


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Standard specifications across the NUUK family

Price:From R139 999
Max. speed:     
Max. power: 
150 km
Brushless DC (BOSCH middle drive unit);
Cooling system:Air
Chain 1:5,7
Gear type:  
Twist & Go
BMS:     Fully integrated
Battery type: Li-ion
Battery capacity:  4.8kWh
**Recharge:  On-board
Standard mode: 4,5 hours
Quick mode (fast charge): 1hr 40min (50%)
Energy consumption (kWh/100km):
Chassis: Tubular double cradle beam Ø40
Swing arm:
Front suspension:

Ø41 mm; 90 mm travel

Rear suspension:
Single shock on left side; adjustable pre-load; 90 mm travel
Front brake:  

Ø280 mm radial 4 piston caliper

Rear brake:   

Ø220 mm floating caliper

100/80-17 & 130/70-17
Access height:   520 mm
Seat height: 785 mm
Max. width:   782 mm
Wheel base:   1400 mm
Weight:    150 kg
Warranty: 20,000km/***3 years (whichever one comes first)
*Depends on driver behaviour, weight on the vehicle and mode
**Approximate values
*** Manufacturer Warranty (2 years) + Distributor Warranty (1 year)