Go beyond your imagination. 

Increased Stability

With a super long body at 1950mm and a large wheelbase of 1370mm, experience more stability and comfort while you ride. 

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Greater Power Density

Motor: Top performance version equipped with an inner rotor high speed centre motor.

Transmission system: Gear+belt/chain 2 stage system. A larger transmission ratio, higher power density, the perfect combination of high speed and strong torque. 

Tough and Powerful

The High Performance version is equipped with the Ecooter upgraded internal rotor high-speed central motor which delivers extreme power. 

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Safe Fast Charging.   

Charging: Batteries can be removed for charging, or charged on-board. Equipped with safe fast charging technology, a single battery can be charged up to 80% in only 2 hours. 

  High Definition

Equipped with a 6.8INCH IPS LCD dashboard with 160,000 FPS colours, this display is high definition. Freely switch between a variety of unique UI styles, just as you prefer.

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Extreme Intelligence  

Info console: Experience direct human and vehicle interactive interface with the multi-function shuttle button. Easy to navigate, soft to the touch. 

Talk about Range

Enjoy plenty of range of up to 180 km, thanks to the super-capacity dual-battery parallel system. 

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Control, safety and comfort

Hydraulic disc brakes: High performance disc brakes installed front and rear, with combined braking system (CBS). A safe ride, every time.

Know your status

Real-time tyre pressure monitoring + an intelligent alarm function + a clear screen display = trust. Go wherever, with the knowledge that you are safe.

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Grip that road

Tyre size: 14" front, 13" rear.

Tyre distance: Front 100mm, rear 110mm.

High trafficability and better grip mean better control on multi-road conditions.  

Enjoy the details

Large and elongated double seat with aluminium alloy handles at the rear. Standard high quality aluminium alloy fitted rear rack with options to install rear and side boxes to meet your storage demands. The PKE key is so easy to operate, start your vehicle at the touch of a button. Charge while you ride with the dual port USB (IOS and Android). 

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Easy App

Exclusive App: Easily navigable, get faster response with plenty of functions. It's loads more fun.  

Rock solid

Quality, high load and stable operation. 3 million ultra-limit vibration tests under 300kg load. 

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E3 Specifications

Size (L x W x H)
1950 x 710 x 1100 mm
95kg (excl. batteries)
Internal rotor high-speed mid-mounted
Efficient intelligent motor controller
Max. motor output
Max. torque
Max. speed
Brake system
Front & rear disc brakes with CBS anti-lock system
Battery specification
Lithium-ion battery pack
Range (km)
Up to 180km*
6.8" IPS LCD screen
Saddle height
Min. ground clearance
Tyre specifications
Front tyre: 100/80-14, Rear tyre: 110/70-13
Hub specifications
Front wheel: 14x2.5, Rear wheel: 13x3.0
PKE intelligent key / shuttle knob switch / intelligent terminal / tyre pressure monitoring / intelligent anti-theft / intelligent instrument
2 years / 20,000km (whichever comes first)
R88 999
Pre-order deposit
R2 000

*Depends on driver behaviour, weight on vehicle, road conditions and mode