Wasn't it January just yesterday?

So it's true that time seems to go faster the older you get :-/

Once again, we've come to the time of year where we reflect. Lesson after lesson, we've seen how resilient we are as South Africans. We get up, dust ourselves off and move boldly forward, despite the nonsense.

It continues to be confirmed that there are many outside of our continent who still have backward thinking. That we, as South Africans, could have such sophisticated systems and infrastructure that it exceeds what many western countries can themselves do, has been for them unthinkable such that they have disrespected our scientists and discriminated against African nations in the face of objective evidence. The levels they drop to, calling this latest variant of covid-19 "the African variant", shutting their borders to certain African travellers despite the variant being prevalent in their own and neighbouring countries, hijacking vaccines meant for African countries. It's bigotry. Finish en klaar.

Still we continue to rise above! Halala South Africa, halala Africa! We rise!

Also, the coastal price of petrol is almost R20 a litre!! The case for electric mobility is becoming more and more compelling #JointheMob #maketheswitch

But for now, we rest.

A happy festive season to all.


Fuel crisis looming in SA
BusinessTech, 6 October 2021