Value retention
EV vs. ICE

A very happy new year to everyone. May 2022 be better than the last 666 days, because sjoe!

A recent Autotrader online article compared depreciation in EVs compared to their ICE counterparts:

What was of particular interest was the observation that by the time your EV's battery may need to be replaced (8-10 years), pricing of batteries will have declined significantly so the cost of replacement won't be as high as what we see prices are today. Because of its longer life-span due to minimal parts and maintenance, the EV gives you more for bang for your buck than ICE, especially in the long term.

NUUK and Ecooter carry the manufacturer's as well OREMOB's warranty for 20 000km / 2 years (Ecooter) or 3 years (NUUK), whichever is first. HOWEVER, we know that the batteries have a much longer life-span and can be used as second life assets, so you have longer asset ROI as well as higher asset utilization.

Essentially, you could keep your vehicle forever, and just replace the battery every few years! Even more reason to #JointheMob and #maketheswitch to electric.

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