The year 2022

Sjoe. Every year seems to go faster than the last (or is it just me?). So here we are again, the time for introspection and reflection.

What were the major milestones for OREMOB in 2022?

January: we welcomed everyone back and set our goals for the year; we got things rolling with the Ecooter Smart App

February: approached by Moto da Corsa to have a demo NUUK at their dealership in Milnerton

April: purchased our first fleet of delivery bikes and demo E5 maxi scooters

May-August: waited, waited and waited for China to exit lockdown so that we could ship our fleet and get things going - most frustrating!

September: took delivery of our shipment - what a moment when that truck arrived at our warehouse and unloaded those bikes! Also employed an intern :-)

October: QC, registrations, and a whole lot of admin; exhibited at the Smart Mobility Africa Summit in JHB through our partners @cumulus_ev

November: advertised and signed up drivers who deliver for Pick'nPay and Woolies; approached one of the most high end malls in SA - Willowbridge Mall - to partner with us as a location for our bikes - and they said YES, resulting in them being the first in SA with #electricdeliveries!!

December: more delivery drivers signed up

And so it goes. We anticipate a huge 2023, and we wish you all the same. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time,


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