Santa's on the way...
Yes, it's almost that time!

And so we find ourselves at the tail end of yet another year. In years past, new year celebrations would hear promises of new beginnings, we'd lament about the year just ended, how tough it was and how happy we are to see it go.

At the end of 2019 we declared that the new year would be our year.

Along came 2020. Eish!

We're all readying ourselves to say goodbye to this year. We'll go through the process of reflection: the good, the not so great, and the downright horrible. For OREMOB, there have been many not so greats but (the few downright horribles aside) this year has, with all its drama, been a good one. It's given us a bubble of pause, space to rethink and reframe. We're better, sharper and readier than we were last year!

We at OREMOB are grateful for 2020. Whodathunkit?!

Until next time,


And just like that...
We have changed