Ladies and gentlemen, introducing NUUK

06.02.2020. Our first blog post.

OREMOB will be introducing the NUUK brand of electric motorcycles very, very shortly. Prepare to be impressed. It's really easy to ride, no changing of gears, so it's perfect for new riders. But be warned, it has a kick.

Powered by Bosch, you can be assured of quality. It's equivalent to a 125cc on paper but it feels like a bigger bike, and at 150kg, it's got stature. Check out this review by OnroadDotBike

Here's the best thing about going electric: it's far cheaper to operate than a fuel vehicle. It makes absolute sense. And while we're testing the NUUK before officially launching, we find that even in this age of load shedding (in SA), charging is not an issue. Just plug in once or twice a week (depending on rider behaviour) and go.

Quiet, powerful, solid, good looking and fun: the NUUK electric motorbike is going to surprise you. 

Until next time...

That's why it's the #bestinitsclass