It was just over a year ago...
The Biltong Chronicles

...No! We're not going to mention that other thing today. It has already taken way too much of our time and thoughts.

Today, we reflect on the introduction of our very first electric vehicle. I remember the delivery truck off-loading this huge branded and reinforced box, carefully packaged and filled with what's to come. It was just over a year ago that OREMOB brought you the NUUK Urban. What a ride, what a pleasure!

We've subsequently added to the range, including colour options - black and white. Personally, I think that the black bike looks amazing especially with the stark contrast of those metallic forks! And I still get butterflies when I ride it, that power, especially in Boost (beast!) mode.

There's the fun, and there's the practical.

The fact is that electricity is still cheaper than petrol. My monthly travel costs have reduced significantly, because with the NUUK I pay less than R10-00/100km.

In addition to EVs, I really love biltong. I recently discovered what's going to become a favourite: BBQ spiced biltong at a local flower shop. But my number one is chilly (!!) bites. As a biltong afficionado (self-proclaimed and unapologetic), I know where my savings are going.

But seriously, as I write, coastal '95 Unleaded is R14-97/litre. Assume you get 20km/litre on a bike, that's R74-85/100km. You're spending almost R190 a week if you're doing 50km as a daily commute to and from work. For a 48-week work year, that's about R9000 on a petrol bike instead of R1200 on the NUUK.

R7800-00 is a lot of biltong. Ek se maar net!

Until next time,