Embracing the new normal

Our reality has fundamentally changed. As South Africans, we are bearing witness to the flaws in our economy, our society and the way things have been. We are realizing that the old ways can be no more.

At the time of writing, we are a few days away from Level 3 of the Risk Adjusted Strategy. Our economy will be entering a broader level of operation as more industries and businesses are allowed to open up. However, we are continuously reminded to practice strict hygiene and to keep a physical distance from each other. This is the new normal. 

As more people return to work, it's becoming apparent that previous modes of commuting, especially public transportation, is risky in the context of COVID19. It will also become increasingly difficult to access, currently less people are allowed per vehicle.

Access to independent means of transport is more valuable than ever. It's time to reconsider how we think of commuting. It's time to embrace the new normal.

Take care. 


The world has changed...