Clean vs. Green

The electric mobility game is gaining traction in SA, and with it comes the entertainment. This is, after all, the nature of games.

We at OREMOB are quite amused by how industry players use the ' green' hook of electric mobility to lure consumers. Playing on the conscience: go green, buy green, good for the planet, etc. Remember when 'they' sold us on how much better diesel is than petrol? Remember "Dieselgate"? Yep. Diesel is arguably the dirtiest fuel, from production to utilization, yet it was heavily punted as the holy grail of fuels.  

Electric is NOT green. The production of the vehicle is not green. The mining and production of battery materials is not green. The carbon emitted from pure electric vehicles (i.e. not hybrid) is zero, so yes, that's clean. The carbon emissions of other electric vehicles will invariably be less than that of traditional fuel vehicles. Clean(er) yes, green no.

So, for the record, OREMOB does not subscribe to the green mantra.

Then what is it about electric? Why #maketheswitch? Simple: Because it is cheaper to operate than ICE. An EV earns its keep at a much earlier point than an ICE vehicle, and the more you use it, the earlier that point arrives. Also, the actual travel/mileage cost is less because electricity is still cheaper than petrol. Purchasing an EV is subjective, you decide what you are prepared to pay. The running costs, though, are much lower than that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. And that is a fact.

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