And just like that...
We have changed

2020 has been a doozy. While many have been resistant to this year's realities, the fact is normal is gone. These days doing something as natural as clearing your throat is enough to make those around you rather uncomfortable.

A few months ago, the country was in a bit of panic, due to the uncertainty around the novel corona virus. Now we're more settled, and to be honest, we want to get back into a pattern of life, we want to move forward, because this limbo of lockdown long ago lost it's lustre.

So while we await the announcements of official regulations, we already have a sense that things can never quite return to what they were, no matter the level of state of disaster we're on, and beyond. And so we will continue to be cautious, to wash our hands often, and cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze. We will always be aware of physical distance. We will also step into the future and embrace the new and unknown with boldness and courage, because that is human nature. New ways of thinking and doing things, new paths, and new technologies.

Take care,


Embracing the new normal