...Is to be on my electric motorbike!

I want a bit of normal, to get on my boney and just ride, to forget about all the nonsense just for a while, and enjoy the cool fresh breeze in the heat.

I want to go to the beach while I'm allowed, and get there as quick as possible so that I can soak in every minute of it. I want to zip through to the folks for a braai and get back home quietly before curfew. I want to do my last minute light shopping and check if my legs are "keg test" ready. I might even pop in at the gym for a quick squat session and a swim.

Ah, the holiday season! Our travels may be severely limited, but restrictions will never take away the little pleasures.

So cheers to the festive season of 2020 - one for the books, for sure. Let's see what 2021 holds for us. We hope for the best.

Merry Christmas, everyone and to all, a Happy New Year!


Santa's on the way...
Yes, it's almost that time!