That's why it's the #bestinitsclass

The Ecooter E5 really is THE reference in the electric motorcycle industry and that's not only because of the technology it incorporates, or that its ABS braking system with double channel is completely standard.

It has also been vigorously tested in the manufacturer's own test laboratories,  where all Ecooter models undergo different durability and resistance tests.

Ecooter is a multinational that manufactures millions of units sold around the world every year. Therefore offering a quality and trouble-free product is of the highest priority, since a simple design error could affect millions of units.

That's why Ecooter incorporates a test centre within its factory, where all the necessary tests are carried out throughout the design and manufacturing process in order to guarantee that your electric vehicle will continue to work properly over years. Continuous testing and improvements are made not only during the production phase, but even after a model is launched.

The bench test

- One of the various tests carried out by Ecooter to its new E5 model is where the bike rides on a test bench non-stop for 800km a day, with speeds varying between 75km/h and 90km/h, and with a weight of 90 kg in the saddlebags to simulate the weight of the rider.

The test bench simulates slopes and potholes, and incorporates a wind machine that, depending on the speed, adapts the volume of air to simulate driving as real as possible. This test does not use batteries (since the batteries cannot generate 800km non-stop), instead the current is supplied directly from the bank.

- In this same process, all the lights of the vehicle remain in operation throughout the test to check the duration of the entire LED lighting system.

- In total, the same unit is tested for 20,000 km to analyse and verify that afterwards the electric motorcycle is still in perfect condition.

Real situation test drives

In addition to laboratory tests, various Ecooter test riders take daily journeys on the road to check the behaviour of the bike, accumulating thousands of kilometres, to detect if there are possible improvements or adjustments that can be or need to be made to the models that are in production.

These real-time, real-world driving routes add up to more than 10,000 km - more than enough to detect any anomaly in the operation of the motorcycle.


Ecooter takes pride in offering high quality products, hence the prestige of the brand. This is why all Ecooter products are thoroughly tested before the launch of a model.

The Ecooter ethos is built on continuous improvement, the results: Millions of satisfied customers with Ecooter bikes around the world.

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The year 2022